Greetings from the administrator of Shine Chemtutor, a website with online study material in chemical sciences for National Eligibilty Test and Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE). This site was launched with the mission to serve the less privileged chemist and to improve their skill and knowledge to face the competitive exam with confident. This site is developed and maintained from the generous donation offered by the students.
Since, the best way to crack GATE or NET exams is solving the problem, the site focuses on problem solving from previous years CSIR and GATE question papers. As the questions are grouped together under the topics it will be easy to prepare for exam. There are more than 1000 solved problems and we upload more videos regularly in Organic chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry and Physical chemistry.
There will also be weekly test to check your understanding and your regular preparation. Every day we focus on one topic and the test will be on Sunday from the topics we have covered during the week days. You have to find out the answer and give explanation for your answer. You have to send the photo COPY of your answer script to on Sunday itself. The answer script will be printed out, corrected and sent back to you in the same week. To find out the answer you can refer any book and discuss with your friends.
Question pattern will be Multiple Choice questions. 50% of the questions will be from the topics we have given for that week. Another 50% will be from previous week topics or combination of all the topics that have been covered. So that you can recall the concepts regularly. N.B: The answer Sheet will be corrected only for those who have Subscribed to We regret that it is not possible to correct all the answer sheets as the number is huge.


The students can access more videos in after donating a minimum amount of 1500/- for six months subscription. (Extra 200/- for valuation of your answer script, In three months we are going to cover 60 topics in organic chemistry). We charge this minimal amount to maintain the website, to make more study material and to make the students value the content of the site shinechemtutor.
I request you to inform about this facility to your friends and help them to make use of this facility. Constant effort and dedication is required from the NET aspirants to crack the exam. Preparation from the first year onwards will help to succeed in NET as well as GATE



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